School = suck

i hate school, i really hate school. sometimes, i just put a finger into my mouth so i can puke and then i dont have to go to school. because school makes me feel like im stupid, worthless, ugly, and have nothing good to live. everytime i walk to school, its like im on my way to sell my soul to satan. i dont really know why i need to go to school because you know, internet teach me A LOT of things than school do. and i really hate to meet my schoolmates because they all are mean EVIL, they hate EVERYTHING ABOUT ME. i dont really know what makes them so evil, maybe because school kills the good side of them. and if my schoolmates are evil, the teacher at there is a real demon. because they give like tons of homework and want those to be done in one night, and if you dont do those shits, they gonna eat you alive. and i need to wake up in the morning like 06.00 just to experiencing those shits. im totally need a rest!

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