my fav song from ARTPOP

i love gaga since her second debut, love game which is about 6 years ago and i still love her now. even though i dont really like ARTPOP because i prefer born this way because the concept and everything but i still love it songs. the first time i heard ARTPOP is like an evolution of gaga, its not a new genre of her but its really different than her previous albums. the first single, Applause is a really strange song. to-be-honest i dont really like it when the first time i heard it but after hearing it like 2 or 3 times i fall in love with it. but the song that i love the most from Artpop is G.U.Y because its as strange as applause and it has a deep meaning, i dont need to be on top to know im worth it because im strong enough to know the truth. thats why i love gaga, because she is respresent a strong women who dont can stand in her own feet. and my second fav song from ARTPOP is DOPE, i really love dope and i cry everytime i heard it. i have a spiritual connection with that song.

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